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Wendi Ogle-Welbourn, Corporate Director People & Communities
Wendi is a qualified social worker and manager with more than 25 years’ experience gained in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Essex County Councils.

Most of Wendi’s career has focused on the delivery and commissioning of services that support children, families and communities, and she has received numerous awards for her work.

Lou Williams, Service Director, Children’s Services & SafeguardingSS-14
Lou began his career as a residential social worker working with young people aged 13-17 in East London. In 1999, he set up and managed an intensive parenting assessment centre for families of children in care.  In 2005, he took the lead for a number of strategic development projects in an East London borough, including the first Children’s Trust in the UK to bring together the community health service, children’s social care and special educational needs services.

In 2009, Lou moved to head up prevention and early help services in south west Essex, before moving into a county-wide role relating to children and young people in care. He has worked in Peterborough since 2012, first as head of commissioning for children’s services and then as Service Director since March 2015.

Lou feels that Peterborough is a fantastic place to come and work; as a dynamic city it offers some unique challenges due to population diversity. Working in the same organisation – and building – as colleagues in Housing and Early Help services makes it easier to offer creative solutions for local families. Social workers are offered good support and training to develop practice skills.

When asked what he likes about his role today, Lou highlights that no two days are the same. Plus, because Peterborough is a relatively small city, he feels that new ideas can be taken forward quickly and the difference made to children and young people is obvious. In addition, despite its busy agenda, Peterborough City Council is a very supportive and friendly place to work.


SS-7Nicola Curley, Assistant Director, Children’s Social Care
Nicola qualified as a social worker in 1994 at the University of Edinburgh. She chose social work because she was seeking a challenging and valuable career in an area that played to her strong sense of ethics. Her first role was as a children and families social worker in the London borough of Hounslow. She became a senior social worker four years later in Feltham, a challenging area.Nicola progressed to team manager and took a role in the London borough of Haringey, running a Long Term Children and Families Team. She then became Care Group Manager at Hertfordshire County Council,  managing all children’s services in the East Herts area, before becoming Head of Service for Safeguarding Locality East, Family Assessment and Support Services. Nicola then applied to Peterborough City Council and became Assistant Director in March 2015.Nicola encourages those seeking an interesting and challenging location to join her team in Peterborough. She feels that there is a lot to be gained from working within a People and Communities Directorate, where all resources are grouped together. To Nicola, the ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity in Peterborough provides a rich cultural learning experience for social workers, and the council offers good support for people to develop their career and skills.From a personal perspective, Nicola values the support she receives from the Leader of the Council, and the Chief Executive and colleagues in other parts of the Council. She feels that the environment is creative and flexible as well as solution focused. But she is particularly rewarded when the impact of her changes are seen almost immediately, with an obvious improvement to outcomes for children. Most of all, she values how special it feels when the team gets it right.