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Calling all community minded residents

Peterborough City Council is looking for community minded residents to form new management groups, and take over the running of four community centres across the city.  The community centres will need to be run as a social enterprises, which means each needs to generate enough profit from hire fees and events to meet day to day running costs and on-going repairs and maintenance. They include:

  • Hodgson Community Centre in Werrington
  • Southfields Community Centre in Stanground
  • Walton Community Centre
  • Thistle Drive Community Centre in Stanground

Councillor Irene Walsh, cabinet member for communities, said: “Nationally over 500 community centres have been closed by councils since 2010. However, we want to give organisations the chance to take over the full running of these important community hubs and keep them open.”

Volunteers are therefore urgently needed, as Peterborough City Council is progressing a Community Asset Transfer (CAT) programme, which will see up to 42 community facilities across the city transfer to independent community management, enabling them to stay open.

If you are interested in making a difference to your local area, this could be a great opportunity for you to become more involved in your local community. You will also be given support in learning new skills, which may help to enrich your personal and/or professional life:

  • Find a sense of purpose – Give something back to your local community and give yourself a sense of purpose as you help those around you.
  • Leadership and management – Learn basic leadership and management techniques to help you get the most from your team of volunteers.
  • Research and engagement – Learn how to research the needs of your local community; what clubs/activities your residents want and need.
  • Event management – Learn how to research and host events for your community ensuring clubs and activities are a success with your residents.
  • Communications/marketing – Learn how to design, promote and showcase your events to local residents to attract attention and boost interest.
  • Budget planning – Improve your skills in setting budgets, spreadsheets and record keeping.
  • Make new and diverse friends – Meet new people from outside your own friendship network, age and background.
  • Become happier – Research says that those who help others, particularly within their local communities, are happier and healthier than those who do not.

Anyone interested in becoming part of a team at a community centre, should contact Peterborough City Council by emailing They will be required to complete a simple application form and will then be provided with an information pack about the centre. Once sufficient applications are received a successful applicant will be selected and notified.

Further information is available on the Bid for a community centre page.