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Peterborough selected as 1 of 4 local authorities for innovative safeguarding model

Peterborough has been chosen as one of four local authorities to receive £4.8 million of funding to implement the Hertfordshire Family Safeguarding Model.

This innovative approach is a more holistic way of undertaking social work. The premise of the model is to encourage all the associated teams within social work, including social workers, the police, health and other support services, to work more coherently together.

It is hoped that by enabling these groups to come together to discuss specific cases, a more effective conversation will be take place. This is because queries and topics of contention can be debated by all relevant parties, reducing the need for social workers to act as a go between. It is predicted that this will not only save social workers time, but help people seeking social work services to receive an appropriate and faster course of action.

In Peterborough, this approach will be facilitated by the social work team moving to Fletton Quays in 2018. This new purpose-built office space will have a hot desk system, allowing social workers to move around and connect with different teams more easily and reduce working in isolation.